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Frisco Pink Life Jacket

Frisco Pink Life Jacket

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  • Ripstop dog life jacket features a sleek design that allows your dog to move freely and comfortably in the water.
  • Lifejacket includes reflective material that allows you to spot your pooch wherever they are.
  • The grab handle on the front allows dog parents to carry their pup to safety if they must.
  • Pink with black trim jacket is available in various sizes so that every furry bestie can feel safe.
  • Give your pet the peace of mind they deserve during water activities.
The sunny seasons mean fun in the water, so make sure that your furry friend has the support they need! But why stop there? Help them look stylish while they’re at it with this Ripstop Life Jacket. Suitable for dogs of all shapes and sizes, this stylish safety suit will give your pet the peace of mind they need—whether that’s doggy paddling or, er, doggy boarding? The grab handle on the front lets dog parents whisk their furry friend away to safety, while the hook-and-loop fasteners on the neck and belly straps help to keep the lifejacket fastened at all times. Fashionable and functional, your pup is sure to be the first in the water.

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