Le Gray Haus is a locally owned and operated boutique for pets by pet lovers, Keith and Eden. We provide a collection of handmade dog bandanas, collars, leashes, as well as a conciously curated collection of pet goods. We have a passion for animals and wanted to create a space where other pet obsessed parents could find high quality products and healthy treats for their furbabies.

The treats that we source are high-quality and limited ingredient. We have many options for dogs with allergies and protein sensitivities. As a small business ourselves, we love to support other small businesses in their entrepreneurial journey. Many of our treats are from other small businesses that have the same passion and desire to provide your pets with high quality items. We don't just sell, but also educate our pet parents on wellness, treats, toy solutions, and the latest in dog fashion. We believe in only the best for your furry family members. 



How We Started

We have been in the small business game since 2017. Originally, I crafted semi-precious gemstone jewelry. I did a lot of local shows and thoroughly enjoyed the craft. Enter 2020...  Shows and festivals were cancelled due to the pandemic.

I still had a desire to continue with some sort of creative outlet, so, my husband and I decided to team up and sew masks to help people feel more protected during their essential runs. We started with making masks to donate to nursing homes and hospitals and later decided to offer masks to the public for purchase.  This led to me learning how to sew and developing a true passion for sewing. Since we were both home a lot more, we got our first pup together and I instantly became obsessed with making fashionable accessories for her, which I am now able to share with all of you.  

Thank you all for your continued support of our small business and our growth. 

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Community + Marketing Manager

Natalia loves social media, handles all our client accounts, and is fantastic at content creation. She is also our boutiques professional pet and event photographer.

Resin Artist

Jennifer is our in-house resin artist and handmakes unique and eye-catching dog tags that are both functional and stylish!