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Enrichment Mat With Spatula

Enrichment Mat With Spatula

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Keep your playful pup out of mischief with a Bark Bistro Enrichment Mat! This enrichment mat stimulates your pet's body and mind to keep them engaged, entertained, and relaxed. Simply spread on your pup's favorite spreads! Great for yogurt, peanut butter and all manner of spreadable treats to raw, wet, dry and liquid foods. You can even freeze food and treats on the mat for slower and more enjoyable feeding. Can also be used as a slow feeder to promote slower eating to reduce bloating and improve digestion. A great alternative to slow feed bowls. Releases endorphins through the promotion of licking. Reduces anxiety, boredom, stress, and destructive behavior. Great for vet visits, bath time, nail clipping, injury recovery, thunderstorms, fireworks, and more. Try with your pup's favorite Buddy Budder! Hand-washable for easy cleaning. Microwave & Freezer-Friendly. 

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