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Dog Cake Kit: Carob Cake Mix

Dog Cake Kit: Carob Cake Mix

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Dog Cake Kit: Carob Cake Mix, Icing Mix, and One Candle

Everyone knows that dogs can’t have chocolate, or so we thought, but now they can! Carob is a natural chocolate substitute that is completely safe for dogs to consume. Give your dog their very own rich and decadent “Chocolate (Carob)” cake. Puppy Cake cake mixes result in a light, fluffy and moist cake for your dog to enjoy. Puppy Cake believes that our furry friends should be celebrated in style, which is why they created healthy cakes you can make at home. These dog cake kits come complete with icing so you can have a dog bakery at home! Fed in moderation, Puppy Cake is a fun and healthy supplement to your dog’s diet. Any time is the right time to celebrate with cake.

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